Probing the Skin: Cultural Representations of our Contact Zone is a newly published book that features collaborative artwork and an essay co-authored by Marie Bannerot McInerney and me. The editor writes:

        “In their collaborative glass-based sculpture and sound installation Ventriculus, JE Baker and Marie Bannerot McInerney explore the material and symbolic properties of skin. Their essay “Ventriculus: Residue of Subjectivity” traces the video art project of the making and effects of Ventriculus (colour stills from the film can be found in the centrefold). The film explores the skin’s permeability and vulnerability by using materials such as cast glass and handmade paper, which imitate the qualities of skin, and multimedia devices like light and sound, which render the tactility of these materials and add a level of ambiguity to the visual perception. The artwork focuses on the sensual capacities of skin and, via the wound, on the skin’s relationship to trauma, knowledge, and metamorphosis. Baker and McInerney’s video art work invites viewers to experience how materials perform their tactility in front of the camera.Their art work and essay make us aware that the skin is not just a surface, something to be looked at, but rather an interface between a feeling subject and the world.”

10.9.14 - 12.7.14

BINDERFUL will be exhibited at Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.


I will be exhibiting a recent sculpture created during my residency at Paul Artspace at Beyond Violet with the Emperor Scorpion at Des Lee Gallery. Opening reception from 6-9pm.

1.18.14 - 1.26.14

Artist-in-residence at Paul Artspace


I will be giving a talk at 7:30 in Boyle Gallery at Lindenwood University about the exhibition, The Guilty Woman of the Forest and Her Many Tombs.

10. 7. 13 - 11. 3. 13        The Guilty Woman of the Forest and Her Many Tombs at Boyle Gallery

10.18.13 - 11.23.13        BINDERFUL at fort gondo compound for the arts

10.19.13 - 11.23.13        Ridden at Des Lee Gallery

10.17.13 - 12. 1 .13       Intertext outdoor intervention throughout St. Louis

October is going to be a crazy month! My solo exhibition, The Guilty Woman of the Forest and Her Many Tombs, will open, and so will THREE curatorial projects.


I was chosen to create a piece for the exhibition, Discovered, which is part of St. Louis Design Week. The work of forty artists will be sold in a silent auction to benefit St. Louis Public Library Foundation.

6.28.13 - 8.11.13

My work is featured in the Biennial Faculty Exhibition at The Craft Alliance in St. Louis, MO.

6.15.13 - 9.4.13

Artist-in-Residence at Kansas City Art Institute

6.12.13 - 11.21.13

I am participating in Paper Trails, an exhibition in The Meeting Place Gallery at St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport. The gallery is located in the passenger pick‐up waiting area in Lambert Airport’s Terminal 1 near the exit from Concourse C. This space is accessible to the general public without having to go through airport security and will be up from June 12 through October 21, 2013.


Ventriculus, a collaborative video installation with Marie Bannerot McInerney, will be screened at The Schiller Garden House in Jena, Germany on April 24th, as part of the programming for the interdisciplinary conference, Probing the Skin: Cultural Representations of our Contact Zone, organized by Friedrich Schiller University.


A short story I wrote is included in ROOM, an artist book co-published by FLAT Publications and Journal of Artist Books. It will be distributed with JAB 33. Order a copy here.


Learn more about BINDERFUL, a recent curatorial project here.


A few catalogues of exhibitions that include my work are available online:


The No List    $

MFA 2012    

Timber Journal   

Pulp Culture   $